Stockton, California


Lawrence Knapp

Northern California Tiger Attack Akin to Dog Bite?

Finally the media has printed an article that purports to report an admission on the part of on of the victims in this awful tragedy. Prior to this article, all we really had were reports of accusations from talking heads that had no reliability. This latest article however, states that the decedent’s father has reported that one of the Dahliwal boys admitted to him that they had been standing…

Chrissie Cole

Man Shoots Dog During Attack of Neighbor, 80

Officials are investigating the shooting death of a dog following a dog attack of an 80-year-old man.The man was walking in front of his home when a mixed breed, reportedly bolted out of the house and attacked him. One of the neighbors heard the chaos and ran outside armed with his pistol. While the dog was still attacking the man he fired one gunshot, according to Claremont Police. The dog…