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Rain Leads to More Automobile Accidents

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I had to take my car into the shop for some maintenance work this week. On the way, as I was driving on Highway 26, I watched a pick-up truck with a rack on it (clearly a contractor) get rear-ended by a small Honda. I could see as the truck was struck how unexpectedly violent and severe the impact was to the driver. It was hard to tell whether

the driver had been injured. However, it was notable how much damage that the Honda had in comparison to the truck.

As I dropped my car off and prepared to get a rental from Enterprise, the sales representative commented about how many cars they had out. He said that due to the rain a lot of people had their cars in the body shops for repair and were renting cars as a result. I hadn’t really thought about the connection rain caused automobile accidents have to the car rental business before, but apparently Enterprise does quite well when the first fall rains arrive.

I decided to do an internet search to see if a rise in rainfall correlated to any news of increase in traffic accidents. I expected I would find something and sure enough the Mother Lode has been reporting wet roads leading to accidents. No surprise there.

“If the rain keeps up, this could be a very busy afternoon for all of the units on the road,” says CHP Officer Brad Schultz. “This is one of the most significant rainfalls so far, so all the roads are going to be very slick, so everyone has to slow down today and really pay attention.”

The best thing to do this time of year to prevent injury is slow down and keep a respectable distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.

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