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Ritter Case Demonstrates Value of Jury

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For those who are down on the Civil Justice System for whatever reason, consider the opinion of John Ritter’s widow, Amy Yasbeck. Ms. Yasbeck’s husband died under circumstances that led to medical malpractice claims. Several of the defendants, after evaluating their chances in front of a jury, chose to settle their claims. Apparently, there must have been enough merit in the claims that the settling defendants believed that choosing to face a jury would not be a wise choice. The defendants that chose to take the case before a jury were recently vindicated in as much as the jury found they were not liable.

Rather than blast the jury system that Thomas Jefferson and our other founding fathers set down for our benefit, John Ritter’s widow, Amy Yasbeck was reported as saying “she disagrees with the jury’s decision that two doctors were not to blame for John Ritter’s death. But, she says she believes in the system and respects it.” Too bad all the corporate tortfeasors in this country aren’t willing to do the same. Rather, they spend billions trying to immunize themselves from it.