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LeBron James Vitamin Water Commercial Denigrates Judicial Branch

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I was talking with a friend regarding a recent incident that has been the hot topic in the Stockton local news recently. My friend is a rancher and employs migrant workers to pick and prune his orchards and vineyards. He was upset about all the attention the death of the 17-year-oldfarm worker had been receiving in the news. Hewas afraid that allthepublicity would negatively reflect on his profession and cause folks to want to change theexisting lawsmaking it more difficult andexpensive to do business. Don’tget me wrong, he was concerned aboutthecircumstances of the girl’sdeath andsympathized with those effected, howeverpart of the conversation included the impact to his profession.

I could not help pointing out the type of reaction the publichas every time astrange personal injury case is publicized. The difference is that the agricultural industry does not face the billiondollar effortcorporateamerica has put into persuading the public thatthe Judicial Branch of the government is run amok. If you do not believe that there is an insidious pervasive effort to change public opinion regarding those who are injured and bring lawsuits take a look at the LeBron James Vitamin Water commercial that has been running during the NBA playoffs?While this type of judicial humor may seem innocent enough, try picking a jury sometime with a panel full of folks who have beenconstantly bombarded with this stuff. Take it from someone who has done it before,it has an effect. I just believe that corporate ethics and responsibility should cause the folks that put this ad campaign together to pause and say: Are we really doing the country any good by casting the judicial branch of our government in such a poor light?