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Medical Malpracticed Stockton Californians Cannot Receive Justice

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This is a great video on the outdated laws in the state of California regarding medical malpractice. While it advocates amending the 1975 cap that was established on non-economic damages so long ago and has not changed since, it does not go far enough. MICRA was established by coercive means, under circumstances whereby the insurance industry held the legislature hostage, using doctors to threaten to leave the state. The lies that were told to the law makers to get MICRA past have been repeatedly been exposed as false. An artificial cap on damages is and should be unconstitutional (several other states have so declared). Unfortunately, the judiciary in this state saw fit to endorse the cap. Hopefully, the public will become enlightened through efforts like this video and the cap will be removed from the books.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Medical Malpractice and Negligent Care.