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The comments people make in response to internet news of tragedy amazes me. Take for example the comments to the article printed BY BETH HUNDSDORFER – News-Democrat regarding the 13-year-old boy who was crushed by an overloaded dump truck. Apparently the company that overloaded the truck knew it, yet failed to lighten the load when asked. Instead they refused. The complaint also brings into question the competence of the truck driver. Anyway, the point is that below the article are the comments and the first one clearly shows someone who understands the purpose of a wrongful death suit and the value of our jury system.

I feel so bad for that family. I hope they get a lot of money. I know money doesn’t replace a life but at least it will be an example for other companies regarding negligence.

To me, this person understands that the lawsuit may change the behavior of the defendant and other businesses for the benefit of society. Obviously, a trial lawyer wants to get a great monetary result for the client. But, the benefit the civil justice system provides to society truely is invaluable and underappreciated.


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    Very important and helpful post. Sometimes it is amazing both ways what anonymous people will write in comments.

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    Deborah Calvert

    I can tell you nursing homes need reform badly. My mother was put in one after I cared for her at home 6 yrs. I visited her in the nursing home every day, sometims three visits per day. I became so confident they were caring well for her because she so enjoyed being around her peers, that I didn't ever read her medical chart or ask her physician questions I should have. When a neighbor at the home showed me the filthy air vents on the floor where air came thru for heat and air and ventilation I was amazed. When the state agency governing such equipment came out they immediately taped all vents closed and disabled the system -condemning it in writing. Filth was coming into the hospital. That's not all: blood pressure monitors were found to be broken a month or two before that. This continued although I'd written to Sun Healthcare's CEO Rick Matros to please fix or repair them. We soon after learned an injunction existed against Sun Healthcare in the State of Calif not to have this broken equipment again, as they'd killed patients in a Burlingame, Calif facility in 2001. This was 2003. The medical director Dr L Scott Stoney pleaded with management to repair or replace the HVAC system for the patient's health and when he saw patients harmed he gave notice and quit. My mother contracted the super bug MRSA from this Sunbridge facility in Newport Beach, California, where the CEO of Sun Healthcare even lives. CEO Rick Matros sent an employee Julie Campbell on Saturdays to meet with me and apologize, providing me with her home phone number even, to call at any time of the day or night for help. My mother suffered a nine month long horrific death, unable to swallow because of a stroke they caused, renal failure, respiratory problems from teh MRSA and lack of ventilation in the facility, she was in acute care hospital most of the final 6 months of her life. During this time I hired an attorney and we met with Sun Healthcare's lead counsel, kelly Priengtz and Dr Hunker a board Member at my attorney's offices. We asked to settle then, before she died, so that the funds could be used for her benefit solely. I wasn't interested in making money off her suffering. They asked me to fax the Dept of Health statements that were 60 pages long. Then we never heard from them. My mother died four months later. I sued three yrs later. But when I went to the settlement negotiations my attorney, Daniel Leipold, gave me messages from the CEO of SUN Rick Matros, that if I pursued this case to a jury trial he would rip me a new axxhole and make me out to be a crazy woman. That they were punishing me for writing too many complaining letters to Mr. Matros and deducted $20,000 from the amount we'd gotten to at that point in negotiations. Mr. Leipold screamed in my right ear "You're not getting the keys to Rick Matros' Bentley". These threats and coercion caused me to sign of on a fraud charge instead of wrongful death, elder abuse, intentional infliction of emotional distress and pain & suffering. We could prove willful misconduct by CEO and board member Dr Hunker, as he'd written me a letter stating they weren't repairing or replacing that broken HVAC system. And therefore I was due treble damages (triple). About $3-$4 Million. I attempted to file a motion with an attorney I hired, Keith Wisbaum of Laguna Beach, but he never filed it for me, no excuse, just too busy -even after paying him $$$$$$ to do so. Then the courts denied my request to set the settlement aside and I was stuck with it. All the while I'm recovering from pancreatic precancerous surgery done at UCLA just a few months earlier. When I regained my strength I hired a malpractice attorney, Eugen Andres, and sued Leipold for malpractice -he died 2 weeks after learning I'd hired him. I won that case. I'd delivered a poster to Rick Matros' gate guard in Newport Beach, stating "Here he lives with a view of the sea; slumlord for the elderly; RICK MATROS CEO of Sun Heatlhcare Group inc who lives in Newport Coast, patients died from neglect, Dept of Health cited for lack of staffing, NO HVAC in patient rooms." Mr Matros attempted to file a restraining order against me. But the Judge, Gregory W. Jones, in Orange County Harbor Court, stated "NO, she's not a danger to him or anyone. He's the dangerous one. He killed her mother. She did a whole lot less than I would have done if I were her. Delivering a sign calling him a slumlord is freedom of speech, protected speech, peaceful protest. She proved here he is a slumlord she certainly can state it. The Plaintiff just produced evidence that she doesn't know what he looks like. Doesn't know what car he drives. How can I ask her to avoid someone she doesn't even know? How can I ask her to stay 100 ft away from cars you say he doesn't even own?" NO -it was all quite funny. That Judge said SUN illegally barred me from contacting SUN's board of directors, since I was in pro per. Recently I've contacted them so they can see this fraud.

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